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MEDCottage is a Long-Term Care Portable Housing Option for Seniors

Long Term Care Housing Alternatives

The MEDCottage is a modular building which provides round-the-clock monitoring in a freestanding unit dependent on a caregiver's house. The MEDCottage efficiently combines sleeping, bathing, cooking, and living area in one of three models. A senior or disabled family member can gain some privacy and independence in a setting where state-of-the-art technology is available to monitor the occupant when needed.

Senior Housing Options Come Home

Nursing home care is expensive and costs are expected to rise as more baby boomers age. Besides, family members often find it inconvenient to visit a nursing home as often as they would like. Isolation can lead to depression or neglect, seriously lowering the quality of life for seniors . MEDCottage offers an alternative where adult children of aging parents can create space on their property to care for their parents at home.

State of the Art Portable Elderly Housing

MEDCottage runs its water, electric, and waste disposal systems off the caregiver's home systems. Equipped for long-term care of the aged or disabled, each structure is like a portable nursing home room that also includes its own kitchenette and laundry machines.


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